About JRRE

The Joint Committee on Research and Research Education (JRRE) is a joint committee of the Philippine Society of Gastroenterology (PSG), the Philippine Society of Digestive Endoscopy (PSDE) and the Hepatology Society of the Philippines (HSP).

The Committee shall:

  • Be responsible in promoting, guiding, advising and overseeing all research projects in the field of Gastroenterology and Digestive Endoscopy of Members and Fellows-in-Training in both Societies, either independently or in cooperation with other institutions private or governmental, local or international.
  • Be responsible in reviewing all completed research papers submitted for possible presentation and determining which particular research papers are worthy of oral and poster presentation during the Joint Annual Convention.
  • Be responsible in the maintenance of a systematic filing of all completed enhance research papers and encouraging the publication of papers worthy of publication in scientific journals both local and international.
  • Be responsible for developing and maintaining a searchable electronic data base of all completed research papers.
  • Be responsible in conducting workshops, seminars and conferences designed to enchance the capabilities of Members and Fellows-in-Training of both Societies to competently engage in scientific research.
  • Be responsible in serving as the technical arm of all Societies in the matter of approval of applications for research grants and aid in linking researchers to other funding agencies and organizations.
  • Be responsible in the performance of other functions that may be assigned by the Board of Directors.